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Ministry Architecture, Inc. offers to help your ministry if your building project is practical, possible, and will advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We offer pro bono services consisting of preliminary project planning, programming, evaluation of land and existing buildings, site planning, architectural design from concepts through design development, assessment of existing facilities, related multi-discipline engineering, artistís sketches and brochures for fundraising, and on-going advice and counsel.


There is no fee for these services.


We are a faith-based ministry and depend on contributions to pay for our services.


Your ministry is required to pay for all our pre-approved ministry expenses, which may include: (1) travel to and within your country including housing and food expenses, (2) travel within the USA for project meetings, (3) expenses for printing, postage, and long distance telephone.


This application serves as a statement of intent; it is not a contract or obligation of financial commitment.


Please fill-in every line item.


Application Form, August 4, 2010


  1. International Office Contact: (Home Office)



E-mail address:

Web site:


2.Project Name:


  1. Your name, title, address, and E-mail address:


4.Name of other partnering organizations (if any):


  1. Your telephone and FAX: (as should be dialed from the US, including country and city codes):


  1. Preferred method to contact you:


  1. Local Office Contact (field contact at project site during our visit)



Office Phone:

Cell Phone:

Address and country:

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Ministry Architecture, Inc.

August 4, 2010


  1. Name of person(s) including title, address, email, FAX, who has authority to make decisions about this project:


  1. Board member, elder, or overseer contact



Office Phone:

Cell Phone:



10.Reference person (This must be someone outside of your ministry)


††††††††††† Name:

††††††††††† E-Mail:

††††††††††† Office Phone:

††††††††††† Cell Phone:††††

††††††††††† Address:


11. Statement of Faith of Your Ministry (please attach):


12. Description of your ministry (please include people group you are targeting, annual budget, number of staff and other relevant information):


13. Describe your organizational structure:


14.Letter from your Board of Directors (please attach):


15.How did you hear about Ministry Architecture, Inc.?


16. How will this project advance the work of Jesus Christ?


17.Identify your project type: i.e. Bible school, college, university, ministry center, pastorís training center, seminary, clinic, hospital, medical missionary outpost, housing (for missionaries, students, seniors, street, people,disabled), orphanage, worship (church, chapel), other:


18. Identify your project category (i.e. new building, building assessments, building alterations, building addition, site planning, conceptual planning/artistís sketch of a future project for fund-raising purposes, other):


19. Description of your project (please include location, site size, building size, number of building, number of floors, budget and other relevant information).Send, email, or FAX pictures of building and/or site if possible:


20. What are estimated project costs (calculated in US dollars)?


21. Is land already owned?


22. Does your ministry already have necessary funds to complete the project?

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Ministry Architecture, Inc.

August 4, 2010


23. If not, how will you raise or obtain funds?


24. When would you like an initial visit?


25. When would you like to begin project planning?


26. When would you like to begin construction?(Note:See item 40 for our process and time frame):


27. Does your organization have procedures or an application process needed for Ministry Architecture Inc. to proceed with this work?If so, please send us the application.


28. Is there anyone who has begun any part of this project?(i.e. builder, architect, engineer?)



Office Phone:

Cell Phone:


29. How long has this project been underway?


30. Does your project require an on-site visit, or can we help via Email, FAX, photos, etc?


31. Why would Ministry Architecture, Inc. be a better design resource than local designers?


32. Is there anyone opposed to this project?


33. What are the risks of being taken over by adversaries?


34. Will you need government approval to complete your project?If so, what are risks associated with getting this approval?


35. Are there any local municipal jurisdictions or building departments that will require plan reviews, approvals, or the submission of drawings by a locally licensed professional?If possible, please provide a copy of their written policy:


36. What are the health risks to visitors in your part of the world?


37. Waiver:In consideration of the volunteer, unpaid, and charitable design consulting services of Ministry Architecture, Inc. we, the recipients of these services, agree to make no claim, and hereby waive, to the fullest extent permitted by law of the State of Colorado, USA, any claim or cause of action of any nature against Ministry Architecture, Inc., its Board of Directors, employees, agents, or sub consultants, that may arise out of or in connection with this project or the performance by any of the parties above named, or services offered.

††††††††††† Name of authorized person and Title:

††††††††††† Date:




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Ministry Architecture, Inc.

August 4, 2010


38. Indemnification:In consideration of the volunteer, unpaid, and charitable services of Ministry Architecture, Inc., we the recipients of these services agree, to the fullest extent permitted by law of the State of Colorado, USA, to indemnify and hold harmless Ministry Architecture, Inc. its Board of Directors, employees, agents, or sub consultants, fromand against all damage, liability or cost, including reasonable attorneyís fees and defense costs arising out of or in any way connected with services offered.

††††††††††† Name of authorized person and Title:

††††††††††† Date:


39. Responsibility:We the recipients of these services understand and agree that Ministry Architecture, Inc. offers pro bono consultation, design, and planning services and makes no offer of architectural practice, engineering practice, or building construction, and is not in any way responsible for construction means, methods, techniques, sequences or safety procedures.Consulting services may lead to the point where final work should be continued by licensed design professionals in conformance with your governing local and national law.

††††††††††† Name of authorized person and Title:

††††††††††† Date:


40. Ministry Architecture Inc. Process and Time Frame:

After receipt of your completed application, Ministry Architecture, Inc.ís Board of Directors will review your application and reply to you within four weeks.


Upon approval of the Board of Directors, we will schedule the work.If possible, preliminary planning can begin via E-mail, from your list of program requirements, photographs, plans, etc.


We would schedule a site visit, if required, in a reasonable time.In some circumstances, this could be quite soon.


We would provide you with continuing follow-up, as possible, to assist you throughout the work.


Thank you.










End of Application