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Jeremiah's Hope Hospital Phase One Site Plan

Cost-Saving Early Assessment

  • Situation: The director of an orphanage asked us to design a much-needed school.
    Ministry Architecture assessed the site and discovered they were intending to build on top of a septic tank and leach field filled with sewage. We recommended acquiring another site.

  • Situation: The president of a university asked us to assess their plans for a new library.
    Assessment: Ministry Architecture’s inspection revealed they were planning to locate it in the path of a mountainside storm water channel. We recommended another location.

  • Situation: Leaders of a mission asked us to assess their compound of concrete buildings.
    Assessment: Ministry Architecture discovered many of the buildings were so badly deteriorated that huge chunks of concrete were in serious danger of falling and causing injuries. We recommended a phased program for repairs or replacments.

  • Situation: Against Ministry Architecture’s assessment, leaders of a church decided to defer roof repairs.
    Result: The roofs eventually failed, allowing accumulated rain water to flood their sanctuary, offices and classrooms. Computer equipment was destroyed and mold contaminated the interior air.

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