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Introduction by Len and Mary Rosenberg

When we began Ministry Architecture, Inc., we prayed that our ministry would include more than just providing architectural and engineering services to our clients. We make ourselves available to Jesus at all times, not just when we are working on project plans. Our prayers that Jesus draw on our ministry gifts to meet other human needs, as well as designing “sticks and stones”, are answered in marvelous ways.

We have reserved this part of our site to give you an idea of what God does during our travel and personal time that is connected to Ministry Architecture, Inc.’s professional tasks. Because we work in countries with either sensitive political climates or with restrictions on conversations about the Christian faith, we are careful to have conversations that do not jeopardize our hosts. In addition, we do not want to breach trust with either seekers or brothers and sisters in Christ, so we have either generalized or changed a few details in each of our stories so that individuals cannot be identified.

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