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What Christians Are Up Against, "reaching the broken people in Cambodia for Jesus"...

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It is encouraging to know the Christians in Cambodia . Ministry Architecture, Inc. is designing a Christian university for Pastor Setan Lee and his organization Kampuchea for Christ. Pastor Setan's goal is to train 1,000 pastor leaders to plant 1,000 churches in the next ten years. An awesome goal!

He has already planted 200 churches and has 400 staff in his multi-faceted ministry.

The worker that we know best is "C", the receptionist. Although her monthly salary is low, she has a great heart for Jesus. Recently, in addition to her regular job, she organized a Christian concert that was given in the province where the Khmer Rouge remain in the jungles. Many Khmer Rouge are turning to Christ.

But there are challenges all around.

More than 40 per cent of Cambodians live below the poverty line. As Christians are moving to give relief to the Khmer people, Muslims are also on the move with relief efforts.

Hundreds of mosques were destroyed during the "killing fields" years of 1975-1979. Mosques are now being rebuilt.

Muslim Aid is an organization which has opened a field office in Cambodia . They are supplying skills training, computers, English classes. Plans are in the works for micro-credit programs, healthcare projects.

When Len and I have been in Cambodia in the past few years, we notice many, many more Muslim people and mosques. People need help and Muslims are providing it.

Another challenge for Christians is the strong tradition that Cambodia is a Buddhist country.

I had many talks with "S", a young man who worked at the hotel pool. He admitted that although he had received Christ a few years ago, someone had challenged him that a good Cambodian is a Buddhist Cambodian. "S" is in a deep spiritual struggle because he sees the Truth of Jesus, but feels the need to remain a "loyal Cambodian."

Len and I are privileged to stand with the Cambodian followers of Jesus to bring the gospel light to their country.

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