Middle East






Ministry Architecture, Inc.


by Mary Rosenberg

At the end of a project in the Middle East, I had some time to relax. So I headed for our hotel swimming pool. When I got there, I saw a boy about twelve years old playing catch by himself in the water. Since I often play catch with our grandsons, I offered to join him.

Because this was a closed country, and the boy was a minor, I found myself praying not to speak of Jesus for the first time in my life. We played and talked about things that interested him. Soon my son Joel came down to the pool, and I introduced him to my new friend.

After I left the country the next day, Joel met the boy again at the hotel. This time he was with his mother. His mother expressed how grateful she was that I had given her son the attention he needed the day before. She explained that she was out of the hotel on diplomatic business and had been too busy to plan his day in detail.

She insisted that Joel explain the reason for my kindness. Joel responded by sharing our family’s relationship with Jesus. She was delighted to hear details of each family member’s testimony. Because she had a good friend who had already shared some details about Jesus, she was eager to hear more.

What a pleasant surprise from Jesus! I prayed to respect the law of our host country which prohibited sharing my faith with a minor, but He granted Joel a free-flowing conversation with his mother. It’s an honor to share His love everywhere we go.


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