Middle East




Ministry Architecture, Inc.


by Mary Rosenberg

One Saturday, Len and I drove over winding, country roads; passing through Muslim villages and the “pension” where we had experienced a small earthquake. Our destination was a hot springs . A soft rain began while Len walked in the woods around the area. In the meantime, I decided to enjoy the outdoor hot springs pool alone. . .except for Isa and about forty Muslims.

Night was falling and, as steam rose from the water, it continued to rain. Two young, Turkish men who spoke English started a conversation with me. Because Len and I had been praying for the preceding twelve hours, I sensed God had arranged this meeting. One of the men was studying for a high-level position, but his real love was cooking. In fact, he had learned to cook in America .

He told me that while he was in America he had read the Bible. One night, he got drunk and did damage to some public property. This resulted in a jail term of more than a week. He requested the Bible and read it because he had nothing else to do. He remembered only “ 3:16”. I quoted John 3:16. He immediately recognized the words and said he liked them very much. I explained how God loved each of them, but his friend became agitated. So I closed that conversation and we discussed life in America and Turkey.

Even though I thought I would be in the pool alone, Jesus had sent me to remind this young, Turkish man of the sound of His voice.

NOTE: In Turkey it is technically legal to converse about your Christian faith with a Turk. However, initiating such a conversation can bring unwanted consequences from authorities.


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